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About Us

Meet Lisa M. Rickenbacker. She is CEO of LMR-PJJ LLC a black-owned minority business. Ms. Rickenbacker is a retired musical theater performer of 25yrs(maybe not so retired, stay tuned) and a semi-retired fitness instructor of more than 35+ years (she still teaches 5 group fitness classes a week).

LMR-PJJ stands for “Lisa Marie Rickenbacker/Possum Jenkins Jones”, Lisa’s initials and the initials of the nickname she uses for fun while she teaches her fitness classes. So you can call her Possum if you want 😊.

While touring in many European tours Lisa fell in love with watches. She has purchased watches from all over Europe, her favorite being the timepieces of Switzerland and Germany. While recently looking for a new watch Lisa happened upon the wooden watch and fell head over heels in love. Sometimes the modern smart watch is missing the classic feel. Lisa decided to start her own brand of wooden watches to share with the world. Please join in the experience… The Elegance of Wooden Watches.

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